NBFCs or Non-banking financial companies are organizations that carry out financial businesses. These organizations serve banking solutions without meeting the criteria of a bank. NBFC organizations include actions like managing a portfolio of shares and stocks, loan management, monthly systems, credit and loan facilities, monthly statements, late fee and penalty calculations for defaulters, payment history, installation deposit systems, etc.

Hereby we understand the issues that are faced by clients in managing an Nbfc company. Thus we have created a web-based loan management system to eliminate the workload of our clients. Our NBFC loan management system software is user-friendly and also provides exact information regarding the business. We are optimistic about technology and hence the cloud-based loan management system that we have developed is capable of assembling all the activities that are conducted in an NBFC Bank.

Through our specially customised loan management software, an NBFC company will also be able to cut off the cost of assigning a separate employee to perform the task that our non-banking financial software is capable to do. This in turn will not only save the cost but also make an NBFC company run more smoothly. Even more, our clients can eliminate the chance of missing out on important dates and events in a financial organisation.

Another major reason why NBFC loan management acts as equipment for NBFC companies is its capacity to manage the lump sum amount of data and information of an NBFC bank. Most companies that do not own NBFC software face issues related to the misplacement of important data and files that are vital for the organisation. Other than this, the best loan management solutions are also capable of making data easily accessible and there is no more need to waste time searching for a particular file or account details. This will also aid you to get the details for future needs.

While you choose the best loan collection management software from ERECTA TECHNOLOGIES, there are lots of crucial modules in it. These modules are added to our NBFC loan management software to benefit an NBFC company in the following ways,

FINANCE-For a financial organisation, the most important part is managing the economical aspects of the company. A well-organized vehicle finance software or car loan management system will maintain details like account holder, instalment date, overdue, and even more. There are some sub-modules of vehicle loan software and they are as follows,

Deposit- This module manages the debentures of the customers, FD, RD, and MIS along with an easy user interface. The finance and money lending software from ERECTA TECHNOLOGY keeps all the data regarding deposits updated. This module also has sub-sections like,
Recurring deposit (RD)
Fixed Deposit (FD)
Monthly Installment Scheme (MIS)

Accounts- The powerful accounting attribute of the accounts module in ERECTA TECHNOLOGY makes it one of the top NBFC software. The software is capable of serving accurate accounting details along with graphical reports on various aspects to increase the readability of an NBFC business. The sub-sections of this module are as follows,
Monetary accounting

The reports that our NBFC software serves to the clients are as follows :
Monthly statements
Payment history
Miscellaneous fees report
Account referencing list

Pan card and Aadhar verification
Cibil score checking and uploading
Bank statement analyzing
Geo Tag
E- Nach Establishment
QR payment and Payment gateway
Upload C-KYC
IVR calling with tracking
Mobile application
Loan management
Managing recovery
Complete cloud-based Software
Whatsapp integration, SMS & Email
Auto Chat Bot with AI
MIS reports & Balance sheet


Microfinance software is a specialized tool used by microfinance companies to manage operations. The software helps here to streamline multiple tasks of these companies. It can handle tasks like loan processing, client data management, and financial reporting.

Mostly, the software is being used to automate microfinance processes. It helps to reduce manual paperwork and minimize compilation errors. The software makes the operations of MFIs (microfinance institutions) more efficient. It also allows them to better serve members by offering customized financial products. The software offers the following benefits;

Enhancing Efficiency

The main purpose of MFI software is to enhance the efficiency of the operation. It increases the accessibility of financial services provided by MFIs. It streamlines and automates various tasks, making processes faster and more accurate.

Robust Client Management

One of the best things about MFI software is its ability to improve client management. It enables the options to maintain detailed client profiles. It assesses the client's personal information, financial history, and creditworthiness. So that the distribution of loans becomes free from every type of risk.

Creating A Centralized Database

The software comes with a centralized database system to store information. This centralized database allows better risk assessment and informed decision-making. It enables multiple branch access to the microfinance companies. Also, it will ensure that customized financial products get delivered to members who need them.

Generating Real-time Reports

Microfinance software simplifies the financial reporting and data analysis process. It mainly generates real-time reports on loan portfolios. It assesses repayment trends and the overall financial performance of the MFIs.

The goal of MFIs is to promote the financial inclusion of marginalized communities. So the software here helps these companies to meet their goal through enhanced technological features.


Among various loan options, a gold loan is the easiest to borrow. By depositing your gold, you can get the amount of loan that you want. All the agencies that provide gold loans are now adopting the latest software. Enabling the software empowers the loan providers in managing all aspects. The software brings automation to the process and increases efficiency.

With the help of robust Girvi software, lending institutions can expand more. All data would get stored in the centralized database of the software. Hence, multiple branches can have the same access to the database without any hassle.

Gold loan software offers the following advantages;

Automate Loan Management

The software automates the gold loan management process. The process of loan distribution and collateral collection would become easier with this. Thus, the time for distributing the loan would reduce through the software.

Facilitate Risk Management

With the development of modern technology, the software would detect risk areas. It would find and highlight the key risk areas involved in the gold loan management process. Besides, it would minimize the risk areas to enhance the security of the loans.

Deliver Better Services

The loan borrowers would get better services if institutions adopt the software. It will enhance the user experience and improves the level of customer satisfaction. Through Girvi software, agencies can target more audiences in distributing the loans.

Enhance Accuracy

Girvi software is specially designed for managing gold loans. The software can improve the accuracy of overall loan operations. With core banking solutions, the software can provide online facilities.

Lastly, gold loan software can customize loan options and helps in interest calculation. By Integrating the accounting module, the software prepares accounting statements in real time. Thus, real-time liability and availability of loans can be checked through the software.