A user-friendly, accurate and efficient software has been developed by ERECTA technologies. The software that is developed acts as a backbone for microfinance companies. The microfinance banking software that is developed here is featured with some of the best facilities to ease the activity of a loan microfinance bank. Being technology enthusiasts, the software that is developed at ERECTA technologies is efficient, secured and full of functionalities to ease its working.

The modules that are included in the Microfinance system software are capable of monitoring the happenings in a microfinance company. Being an owner it is important that every other activity of a microfinance company is under notice and hence the online microfinance software that is developed is a master when it comes to keeping a note of the activities performed and also storing the data for late use.

Member Registration, user management, loan processing, loan disbursement, financial accounting, commission calculation, etc are some of the very important aspects that our microfinance management software possesses. As these are some of the most important parts of a Microfinance company, therefore it is made sure that a single microfinance software is capable of serving high-quality service along with subordinate features.

ERECTA technologies serve cost-worthy financial management software that will make a microfinance company work efficiently. The microfinance software that is developed at ERECTA TECHNOLOGIES comprises unmatched skills, prior experience and immensely hard work of our team. Proper research has been conducted to know all the requirements of a microfinance company and hence the software that we have developed is capable of serving every other need of a microfinance company. Moreover, the microfinance software price from ERECTA technology is affordable and the ideology behind developing microfinance application software at a pocket-friendly price is to make it easily available for our clients who are willing to get a digital tool to handle their microfinance organization.

Another major aspect that makes ERECTA TECHNOLOGIES one of the best microfinance software solutions providers is upgradability toward technology and the latest microfinance software features that make our microfinance management software a must-use product for microfinance companies.

Reasons ERECTA technology’s Microfinance management software for microfinance organizations

A- Microfinance loan management software is an overall solution that allows our client's complete grip over a microfinance company.

B- The microfinance software has multiple establishments and branch that comes along with a multi-account plan.

C- Back office suits like HRM, payroll, MIS, borrowing, inventory, investments and fixed asset management are also offered.

D- Safety and security are other aspects of ERECTA technology’s microfinance banking software. The software is well secured using passwords to avoid the involvement of malicious people. Moreover, every other communication between the server and client is well encrypted.

E- Our success is based on hard work, client support and on-time services.

F- Our long-term client-friendly relationship makes us one of the best microfinance software solution providers.

G- With an enormous experience in the IT industry, ERECTA technology has been serving top-class services to our clients. To date, we are owners of more than 200 happy clients.

H- 24*7 support is provided along with our microfinance software to ensure that our clients always get a backup whenever they face some issues.

I- The microfinance software price at ERECTA technologies is affordable. Excess charges are never an option when you choose ERECTA Technologies for Microfinance application software.

Some of the basic features of ERECTA Technologies software are as follows,

Flexibility, robustness, innovation, comprehensiveness and core banking
Microfinance banking software
Disbursement of loan
Microfinance loan disbursement
User managing ability
Instalment specifying module
Deposit renewal
Printing bond
Savings maturity
Report of agent commission
Penalty statement and calculation
Data security
Interest rates defined
History of payment
Flexible new fields without interventions
Different system parameters are stored